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Repulse Bay in the spring sunshine.


Satellite services provide high speed Internet connection in all communities.


Inuit youth are avid Internet surfers (Doris McKinley photo).



High speed wireless internet is available in all communities Providers include Netkaster, NorthwesTel and Qiniq (available in all communities). Ask a co-worker what providers are available in your area.

Sympatico offers dial up services in Arviat, Cape Dorset, Chesterfield Inlet, Clyde River, Coral Harbour, Grise Fiord, Hall Beach, Igloolik, Iqaluit, Kimmirut, Pangnirtung, Pond Inlet, Qikiktarjuaq, Repulse Bay and Whale Cove.

Television and Radio

Cable is available in every community through the local Co-op Stores. Ask about their programming and monthly rates. When speaking with colleagues, you may want to ask if satellite television works in your community.

If you decide to order a satellite dish, please consult with the satellite TV provider regarding installation and the size of the dish to purchase. In some communities, Bell ExpressVu works better, and in other communities, Star Choice is the best. Ask about which product works best in your community.

Most communities are served by local radio stations. These are often operated by resident broadcasting or radio societies. Public announcements, music, radio bingos and issues of local interest are broadcast.

In addition, CBC offers a variety of programs. CBC has regional news bureaus in Cambridge Bay (Kitikmeot) and Rankin Inlet (Kivalliq). CBC Nunavut is located in Iqaluit. Commercial radio is also available in Iqaluit.

Sirius and XM satellite radio are also available.


All communities have telephone service. You need to be aware that that telephone service is via satellite, so often there is a delay on the telephone line when you are calling long distance.

NorthwesTel has several long distance plans available. In order to help you decide which plan is best for you, there is a “Long Distance Calculator” on their website under Personal Long Distance Plans.

At the time that this document was printed, cellular phones (Bell) only work in Iqaluit and Rankin Inlet. Check before you move North if your southern cell phone provider will be useable in Nunavut.


Shopping in many communities is limited. All communities have either a Northern Store or a Coop or both. These stores sell groceries, household supplies, clothing for all ages, parkas, boots, small appliances, dishes and cutlery, toys, patent medicines, toiletries and many other products. However selection is often limited and prices can be much higher than similar stores in the south.

Many residents do considerable online shopping over the Internet, use the “Food Mail” program and place annual “sea lift” orders to cut down on transportation costs and to stock up one year at a time.

Indeterminate and term staff may wish to consider the following:

1. Food Mail - a program whereby perishable and some non-perishable food items shipped in at a reduced rate from larger areas such as Winnipeg, Ottawa or Yellowknife.

Please check with your colleagues for the names and locations of stores that provide Food Mail service to your community. Consult with the retailer for a list of items available and shipping prices. All Food Mail orders have to be prepaid.

2. Sealift Order - order canned, dry and frozen food to be shipped to you community in the summer. See “Sealift / Barge Order” below for additional information.

You may purchase groceries from the Northern Store, Northmart or Co-ops. Many communities are served by both a Northern Store and a Co-op. Food you bring up in luggage may arrive at a later date if it travels as excess or overweight baggage. These are subject to an additional charge by the airline.

Food from the land (often called “country food”), such as caribou, muskox, fish and ducks can usually be purchased locally but is not usually prepared commercially. Few communities have food processing plants.


Travel between communities is by air and last minute travel can be very costly. Residents plan their trips well ahead to get the best possible fares.

Weather is always a factor in northern travel and seasoned travelers learn to allow extra time between connections to the south.


Nunavut Arctic College (NAC) has campuses in Iqaluit, Cambridge Bay and Rankin Inlet. The head office for NAC is located in Arviat. NAC offers a number of health care related programs including Mental Health Worker, Human Services and Midwifery, to name a few.

The college also offers certificate and degree programs in Nursing and Teaching. NAC is partnered with two universities to offer programs in education (University of Regina) and nursing (Dalhousie University).

Twenty-four Community Learning Centres are located in communities in Nunavut. These are operated by NAC. They offer students the opportunity to gain knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for employment and continuing education.

In addition many universities offer distance education courses. This is an option for people wishing to upgrade their skills or fulfill a personal interest.

Elementary and senior high schools are located in each community. Schools are governed by District Education Authorities (DEA). Contact information for the DEA in your community is located in the Government blue pages of the telephone book under “Education”.

Francophone language schools (elementary and junior high) are currently available only in Iqaluit.


Library services are available in communities either via a public library or by a free book borrowing service provided by the Nunavut Public Library Service. If your community does not have a library, you can take advantage of their Borrower By Mail service. For more information about this service, you can call 1-867-793-3351, check out their website: www.publiclibraries.nu.ca or contact them by mail:
Borrower by Mail Program
Nunavut Public Library Services
P.O. Box 270
Baker Lake, Nunavut
X0C 0A0


There is usually a schedule of events in each community. Check local bulletin boards or with hamlet recreation coordinators for activities going on in your community. Informal local special interest groups are often organized around individual interests. Ask around.


Banking services in Nunavut are limited. Banks are physically located in the following communities:

Cambridge Bay – Royal Bank
Iqaluit – CIBC, Royal Bank
Rankin Inlet – CIBC, Royal Bank

In other communities, the Northern and Co-op stores offer some bank-like services. For more information about Northern’s financial services, you can visit their website at HYPERLINK "http://www.northwest.ca" www.northwest.ca. Information about Co-op bank-like services can be found at HYPERLINK "http://www.arcticco-op.com" www.arcticco-op.com. No matter where you live you can still use on-line banking services for bill payments and transfer of funds in your bank accounts.

Before making your move, you may wish to communicate with your supervisor contact to find out more about what services are available in your community.

Cash and credit cards are the common forms of payment. ATMs are available in most communities.