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Community of Sanikiluaq.


Sanikiluaq is home to approximately 777. It is Nunavut’s most southerly community and lies deep in the Hudson Bay on the Belcher Islands, about 150 kilometres off the coast of Quebec.

Residents of Sanikiluaq have excellent fishing. Arctic char are found in the rivers, lake, and offshore waters, while whitefish flourish in the lakes on the islands. Cod, capelin, lumpfish and sculpin can be found in the coastal waters, which are also home to seals, beluga whales, walrus and polar bears. On the land one finds fox, reindeer, Arctic hare and lemming. There is also an abundance of bird species. Local artisans make stunning duvets and clothing using eider down. The community is also produces a unique form of basketry combined with carvings. http://www.najuqsivik.com/gateway/sanikiluaq/ http://www.mitiq.com/

Fast Facts:

  • High speed Internet
  • Population 90% Inuit, 10% non-Inuit
  • Post office
  • Community Learning Centre operated by Nunavut Arctic College
  • Eastern time zone
  • No direct southern air routes
  • No banks – ATM available
  • Alcohol is prohibited
  • No taxi service
  • Northern Store, Co-op
  • One hotel
  • Anglican church
  • Health Centre