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The Community of Repulse Bay Health Centre.

Repulse Bay

Repulse Bay, home to approximately 612, is located on the Arctic Circle on the shore of Hudson Bay.

This community has a rich history, beautiful scenery and some highly skilled carvers. There is an abundance of marine wildlife, migratory birds arrive in may and June joining other birds that winter in the area. Residents actively pursue hunting, fishing and trapping. http://www.innsnorth.com/html/inns-acc-nun-repulse.htm

Fast Facts:

  • Community name means - Place of the Baby Seagulls
  • Population 95% Inuit, 5% non-Inuit
  • High speed Internet
  • Post office
  • Community Learning Centre operated by Nunavut Arctic College
  • Central time zone
  • No direct southern air routes
  • No banks – credit cards only accepted by certain businesses
  • Alcohol not sold in Repulse Bay – can be obtained if prior permission is obtained from the local Alcohol Education Committee
  • No taxi service
  • Co-op and Northern Store
  • Hotel
  • Medical Centre