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Arctic Bay Health Centre.

Arctic Bay

Arctic Bay (Nanisivik) is home to a population of 751. Located near the northwestern end of Baffin Island, Arctic Bay is on the Borden Peninsula. The community is connected by a 21-kilometre road (the only inter-community road in Nunavut) to Nanisivik, a former mining town developed in the mid-1970s and closed in 2004.

High cliffs and hills surround this beautiful Baffin Region community. Nearby mountains can reach as high as 1,300 meters. Marine life is abundant, treating residents to migrating whales, narwhals, walruses, seals and polar bears. Local outdoor adventures include boating, snowmobiling and dog sledding. This community is known for miniature ivory carvings, traditional clothing and traditional arts and crafts. http://www.arcticcircle.ca/Baffin/Arctic/

Fast Facts:

  • Community name means - In Pocket
  • Population 91% Inuit, 9% non-Inuit
  • High speed Internet available
  • Post office
  • Community Learning Centre operated by Nunavut Arctic College
  • Eastern Time Zone
  • No direct southern air routes
  • No banks – ATM at Northern Store
  • No alcohol sold in community. Brought in with permit only
  • Taxi service
  • Co-op; Northern Store
  • No hotel
  • Health Centre